Hart’s Tyres & Mechanicals uses only the best quality brake parts in our Balgowlah auto service repairs workshop. WP Pro is established as one of the most well-known manufacturers in the aftermarket industry, supplying numerous tuning firms and companies with our signature big brake kits and components. From straightforward fast road big brake kit upgrades to FIA regulated prototype and racing brake systems, WP Pro can handle the contract and has the added advantage of quick R&D turnaround time. If an application is needed as quickly as possible, WP Pro is nimble enough to be able to divert focus and the application can be developed from the moment the necessary spindle/hub assembly is in the receipt and to a complete application with full testing phases within 5 weeks.

With well over 400 big brake kit applications available, WP Pro currently holds one of the largest big brake kits selection on the market, with many unique applications that are not available anywhere else but at WP Pro.